Creating a new product

To create a new product make sure "VIRTUAL" AND "DOWNLOADABLE" are ticked, and load your product files using the "Upload New File" button.

Product quality

Digital products are a special category in consumer law, and in the UK that means they must be:

  • Of satisfactory quality
  • Fit for a particular purpose
  • As described by the seller

In order for us to defend refund requests on your behalf, you need to:

  • Ensure the model is in the correct categories with correct tags.
  • Test print your models before creating a product.
  • Show a picture of the printed model as well as a render.
  • Describe what steps you took to create the printed model.

Describing how the printed model was created

  • What type of printer have you tried to print this on? (FDM, resin, both?)
  • Any support gotchas that people need to know about?
  • Any special model orientation that helps get the best result when printed?
  • Any parts of the sculpt that are designed to be cut or trimmed?
  • Any limitations on scaling that you're aware of?

Image restrictions

Currently each image cannot be more the 10MB in filesize, and the server won't allow uploads to the public file area that are larger than this.